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Know-how of the Arduino is essential for any Maker. Learn how to program it, use dozens of sensors and actuators, take your projects to the Internet. Start with zero knowledge.

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Raspberry Pi

This credit-card sized low-cost computer opens up exciting opportunities for Makers. Learn how to program it, interface it with touch screens, sensors, and relays.

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At the heart of our technology are circuits and simple components like resistors, capacitors and transistors. Learn about their basic operations and the laws that describe them.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Breadboarding is the first step to prototyping. When your design reaches a more mature stage, it is time to consider creating a custom enclosure and printed circuit board.

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You can buy one, take it out of the box and fly. But you are not a consumer, you are a Maker. Make a drone and learn fly controllers, radio transceivers, motors, power management and much more. Then go out and enjoy.

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Don't have a project to work on? Try ours. We know that the start of any journey can be confusing. Let us give you clarity by helping you master your new knowledge on a series of projects of increasing difficulty.

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