Welcome to Stemiverse Podcast episode 32.

In this episode, Dr Peter Dalmaris and Marcus Schappi talk with Shanti Korporaal and Skeeve Stevens.

Skeeve and Shanti are serial entrepreneurs, with multiple technology businesses and startups already in the market and many more planned. Their mission is to build businesses whose purposes is directly, or indirectly linked to personal empowerment. They exist to enable people to build a business, provide a service that they would not otherwise be able to and to stay in business during the disruptopocolypse.

Skeeve and Shanti believe that there is no time like the present to utilise all the global resources to empower dreams and independence and that the next generation of disruptors will come from the hungry developing world.

Skeeve is the dreamer, visionary, productiser and disruptor. Shanti is the doer, level-headed one that makes every happen. In their capacity as futurists and advisors to organisations and governments, they share their view of the future, what that means for education and how we can prepare our children for it (and why we, the parents and teachers are more in need for such preparation).

This is Stemiverse Podcast episode 32.


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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction - Introducing Shanti Korporaal and Skeeve Stevens
[04:17] Shanti and Skeeve talk about who they are and what they do
[07:31] What is a Futurist?
[10:13] Age groups and their relationship with technology - Ethical and moral concerns
[13:05] E for Ethics
[14:08] Programming in the future
[15:09] Growing pains in STEM Education and the need to use technology as a tool
[19:04] The speed of technological progress is making it hard for teachers to keep up
[20:07] Other parts of the world
[21:22] A Wild West situation in STEM Education and how to be on the winner's side
[23:41] The independent mindset and teaching people about themselves
[25:24] The importance of Self-Awareness and the good side of competition
[27:00] STEM's place in all this: fleshing out passions, making money with platforms like Patreon
[29:17] STEM provides doors
[32:09] Experiencing the technology and potential addiction problems
[34:45] How VR, AR and MR (Mixed Reality) will change Education in the next five years
[38:31] AR in a traditional classroom situation - Microsoft HoloLens
[40:04] Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore
[40:54] Where does all this leave teachers?
[45:05] Superhumanology
[45:25] About Modafinil
[46:51] About Smart Drugs (Nootropics)
[49:00] Implants as keys and RFIDs
[53:47] Application of implant technology in education
[54:26] RFID Technology
[57:27] Should we tag all students?
[58:59] Wearable technologies: Jacquard by Google + Levi's Collaboration
[01:03:50] How does a teacher prepare kids today for the new technology?
[01:05:05] What's happening now that most techies haven't heard about: The Brain and Transcranial Stimulation
[01:07:28] https://www.foc.us/
[01:10:34] Changeables that scare Skeeve
[01:11:16] How can VR be weaponized?
[01:12:49] Rapid Fire Questions
[01:12:56] The next ten years
[01:13:23] Advice to 10-15-year-old students and, teachers.
[01:14:05] If you're a student today should you worry about a career?
[01:14:19] Book recommendations: Simon Sinek books
[01:15:06] Parting thoughts